Schoolhouse Art Gallery Soundstitching, 2017
6" x 6"
Thread on canvas
Color Scale (Condensed) for the Schoolhouse Art Gallery Soundstitching
Ink Jet and crayon on paper
Lilli Summerlin's interpretation of Kite's translation of the Schoolhouse Art Gallery

The Schoolhouse Art Gallery Soundstitching was performed by Lilli Summerlin on her violin on June 23, 2017. Summerlin is a local violinst, who was interested in interpreting and arranging a work based on Kite's handwritten translations/scores. Summerlin performed the arrangement inside of the Schoolhouse Art Gallery, making the performance a site-based, site-responsive experience for those in attendance.

The Schoolhouse Art Gallery is located at 427 Main Street in Brownville, Nebraska. It was originally used as a one-room country schoolhouse. The Fairview School was located on the south end of the Bethel Road, near the Lehr Bridge, down the road from my family farm. It was facilitated within what used to be District 31. It had no running water or indoor plumbing, with boys’ and girls’ outhouses and an outdoor pump for water supply. In 1967, the schoolhouse was moved to Brownville, Nebraska. 

The Brownville Fine Arts Association, a non-profit member organization that serves as a vital volunteer resource that supports cultural, educational and recreational events and activities within Brownville, supports the Schoolhouse Art Gallery. The Schoolhouse Art Gallery focuses on visual artists of the region and hosts various lectures, workshops and artist receptions.

I had a solo exhibition of Nebraska-based works within this space in June of 2017 and was able to do an on-site performance of the Schoolhouse Art Gallery within the Schoolhouse Art Gallery space. I created three different scales and translations for this Soundstitching.
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