Southside of Kite House Soundstitching.mp3

South Side of the Kite House, 2015
10" x 10" x 2"
Handstitching on canvas
Soundstitching on Piano, Key of C scale

 Color Map of "South Side of the Kite House"

Color Line Drawing of  "South Side of the Kite House"

The South Side of the Kite House Quilt contains every note that exists in the translation (composition). The color scale is exhibited at the bottom. The circles are cut, handstitched and organized into a color map pattern that exhibits the order in which the notes are to be played on the piano. The background of the quilt is an old bed sheet that was my grandparents, who lived in the Kite House.

The soft sound sculpture seen below contains memories of sounds associated with The Kite House. Porcelain ceramic buttons are sewn onto the pillowcase and color circles to initiate sounds when a participant pushes the button. Sounds such as a grandfather clock chime, John Deere tractor, cattle walking through mud, Dominos falling against each other, Lincoln logs clinking together, rain falling, a train chugging, the sound of Cardinals and Wrens...among other sounds are all part of memories of sounds that I have that once existed inside and around the Kite House structure and space.

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