Farm Fiber” weavings collage together the remnants of utilitarian fiber materials recycled from the land that have been used to gather, hold, support and clothe everything from hay bales, farm animals and farmers themselves.

The farm fiber-based rope, twine and harvest remnant materials gathered to create these weavings come from scavenger hunts that my daughter and I take on our Kite family farm, located in Nemaha County, Nebraska. The recycled cotton and denim material are my father’s old farm work clothes that are often stained with diesel, oil and dirt. The weavings are woven not only from found farm fibers collaged with recycled materials, but they are made with a process that involves three generations of our Kite family.

Farm Fiber Remnants Weaving Sculpture, 2021
48” x 34”
Rope, polypropylene baler twine, net wrap, polyethylene insulators, corn husks, steel and dirt

Farm Fiber Remnants Weaving II, 2022
32” x 30” (20”x 20” canvas)
Rope, jute and polypropylene baler twine, cotton, denim, corncobs, corn husks and dirt on canvas

Farm Fiber Remnants Weaving III, 2022
34” x 48”
Rope, jute and polypropylene baler twine, net wrap, cotton, denim, polyethylene insulators, steel and dirt

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