A Unique Collaboration Between Art & Music = Soundstitching

An interview with KHGI Good Life Morning Show on June 3rd 2022 can be viewed at the link below:


Link to Cassia Kite Transforms Color Into Sound by Kay Kipling

Photography by Carissa Warfield, Still Silver

Hiawatha World article

January Winter 2019
Style Magazine, interview with Su Byron, January 2019, Sarasota, FL

The Sound of Art

by Mark Hornickel
Design by Kim Ziegler
Photography by Todd Weddle

Cassia Kite gives students a taste of a life in the arts

    • Meka Wright A&E Reporter @itstheredhair_                                 Mar 29, 2018 Updated Mar 29, 2018

Northwest Missouri State University will host three artists working in the mediums of theatre, music and art during a unique series of master classes, presentations and performances in the coming weeks.

The series “Transformations: A Life in the Arts” will feature guests artists Jo Byrnes, Cassia Kite and Kevin Bobo, all of whom have ties to Northwest, through the support of a grant from the Heartland Foundation and a partnership with the Maryville R-II School District.

All presentations are free and open to the public.

Where the Heart Is

Cassia Kite returns home for a personal and artistic milestone.

For the last six years, largely in secret, artist Cassia Kite has devoted her time to the creation of a project she calls soundstitches, but it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say it’s something she’s been building toward her entire life. And this summer, the artist returns home to Nebraska for a pair of exhibitions paying tribute to the place that started it all. There have been opportunities to show the new work in Sarasota, Kite says, and portions have been displayed, but for the big reveal it had to be Nebraska. “It’s full circle,” she says. “I wanted to do it the best way for my own self, for my family and for the people who supported me through all those years of growth necessary to make me who I am.”... READ MORE HERE, SRQ Magazine


August 7, 2017

“It’s humbling. The idea of bridging these communities was intriguing to me. I used to live in St. Pete, and I hardly ever came to Sarasota. The distance seems so much farther than it really is. So this concept is wonderful; there’s so much incredible work being made in the area that needs to be seen.”

Sarasota Observer Article


'Kinetic' exhibit at Kaneko is a dazzling display of mesmerizing, magical movement

  •  July 16, 2017

    Other exhibition contributors

    Deborah Butterfield, Cassie Kite, Mark di Suvero, Michael McGinnis, Ralfonso, George Rickey, Bruce Shapiro, Larry Sosso and Tom Sitzman

"Artist Cassia Kite has lived on the Gulf Coast of the Sunshine State for more than a decade, but her work remains rooted in the family farm near Auburn, Nebraska.

Her latest project, “Soundstitches,” captures the vibrant colors of her family farm in what Kite describes as an interdisciplinary, multimedia installation, and performance piece. Inspired by folk art, Kite created embroidered farm scenes. She then translated those images to music by assigning a musical note to each color, mapping out the music from left-to-right and top-to-bottom. The work leaves vast room for interpretation for the artists who engage with it.

This summer, Kite’s project will be featured at KANEKO as part of the fourth annual Under the Radar Festival (July 5-8). Her embroidery will be on display while the corresponding music is performed by professional musicians and a dancer."

College of Fine Arts, Florida State University, April 3, 2017; Skyway: A Contemporary Collaboration to Open at The Ringling

February 23rd, 5:30-7:30pm

Staybridge Suites St. Petersburg Downtown

940 5th Ave S, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33705

ARTicles Art Gallery and Custom Framing proudly presents the inaugural WorkingTitle exhibition at the Staybridge Suites on Thursday, February 23rd, 5:30-7:30pm. Featuring fifteen artists from West Central Florida, the exhibition will be a celebration of the region’s explosively growing artistic community and the immense talent found from Orlando to Sarasota.

Artists include Rafael Angulo, Bassmi, Jozef Batko, Katie Cassidy, Gregg Delk, Gay Germain , Jonathan Herbert, Grace Howl, Bryce Hudson, Tim Jaeger, Jack King, Cassia Kite, Christopher Schumaker, David Steiner, and Tom Stephens.

WorkingTitle (founded 2012) is a biannual hard copy magazine created by artist/curator Michael Crabb (Ringling College of Art and Design graduate 2001). The magazine showcases some of the most accomplished artists in the state and beyond. Most recently, the Spring 2017 issue cover features the work of Joseph Cavalieri (NYC), depicting First Lady and fashion setter Jackie Kennedy. Devoid of general advertising, WorkingTitle maintains its focus on the artists and art spaces that enrich Florida’s cultural landscape. The publication is currently growing nationally, including distribution points in Chelsea and Denver.

ArtNight is hosted by the Staybridge Suites as part of its Culture and Community Bridge program. This award-winning hotel seeks to deepen its involvement in the community by offering cultural events to both its own guests and to the community at large. The Staybridge is very proud of its partnership with ARTicles Art Gallery and Custom Framing.

ARTicles Art Gallery and Custom Framing is an award-winning art gallery in St. Petersburg FL that represents some of Tampa Bay’s most accomplished artists. In addition to fine art, they offer custom frame design, professional art installation and concierge consultation services.


February 10 – March 9, 2017
Opening Reception Friday, February 10 6-9pm
Regular Gallery Hours | Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Noon - 2PM

SARTQ: RED exhibition, will fill the beautiful Palmetto Art Center with glowing color. Whether scarlet, crimson, maroon, vermilion, berry, ruby, rose, burgundy, carmine, brick, or cerise - red is both satisfying and exciting. The strong feelings suggested by the color red - passionate love, blood and anger - are always stimulating!

Artists understand color and use it to great advantage - as Matisse famously said: "A thimble full of red is redder than a bucketful." The 10 artists in the exhibition celebrate the many ways to see the color red. “Red can boost your energy, it exudes confidence and is life-affirming. In addition, this exhibition gives all art lovers something different to do with their sweethearts for their Valentine’s celebration,” says SARTQ co-founder Tim Jaeger.

The artwork in this group show includes printmaking, collage, drawing, video installation, sculpture and painting. In addition, FREE red silk screened prints will be made for the public right before their eyes while meeting the members of SARTQ. Attendees may bring their own clothing items such as t-shirts, pants, scarfs etc., though any item that can lie flat under the screen and will accept ink can be printed on.

SARTQ: RED exhibition is open to the public with no admission fee. Cash bar and live music by Hunter Brown will be provided. Following the opening reception, the Palmetto Art Center gallery will be open Saturday, February 11th from 11AM - 1PM. Also, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Noon - 2PM, and by appointment. 

The 10 participating SARTQ artists include Jeffery Cornwell, Elena De La Ville, Zachary Gilliland, Tim Jaeger, Cassia Kite, Jenny Medved, Laine Nixon, Javier Rodriguez, Steven Strenk, and Jill Taffet

For more information:

The Palmetto Art Center is located at: 
907 5th Street West, Palmetto, Florida, 34221. 
Right next door to Grower's Hardware Store

Brave New Art: SRQ Magazine


"Art Center Sarasota embarks on new digital frontier with the show #postdigital. A three-room exhibition, the intersection between technology and art comes to a head with interactive multimedia work from 28 local artists, designers from the Faulhaber Fab Lab and students and faculty members from Ringling College of Art and Design, New College of Florida, Pine View School and IMG Academy.

Art Center Sarasota Director Lisa Berger and Exhibition Curator Dustin Juengel wanted to showcase how high-tech innovations like 3D printers and laser cutters impact the art world. A visual artist in his own right, Juengel used his connections to the local art scene to track down artists working in non-traditional digital mediums. He also enlisted the Faulhaber Fab Lab, which contributed pieces to the exhibition that blur the line between science and art. Lending a hand, Best Buy, Microsoft and Apple provided the devices necessary to display the art. Thus #postdigital became a reality.

Venturing into the digital realm is a first for Art Center Sarasota. “We’re used to hanging up paintings, and now we’re hanging up iPads and [using] drones,” said Berger. Though most of the works in the exhibition are purely digital, a few pieces integrate technology to transcend their more traditional form. For example, Cassia Kite, a local visual artist and educator at IMG Academy, turns her paintings into readable QR codes using the Aurasma app. Hold a mobile device in front of the paintingthe app “targets” the piece and plays a video.

“You can’t draw a distinct line,” says Juengel of the division between art and technology. “Every piece in the exhibition here seems to share something: a certain passion for making. A certain playfulness. The different technologies are just materials.”

#postdigital at Art Center Sarasota, May 19–June 25

Photo: Cassia Kite demonstrates how her painting interacts with a tablet device using the Aurasma app.


Artist's Insights: Cassia Kite

by Marty Fugate, May 24, 2016, Sarasota Hearld Tribune, Ticket Sarasota Arts


“You can take a girl off of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girl.” The art of Cassia Kite offers proof of that statement. She was born and raised on a family farm in Auburn, Nebraska. Her upbringing continues to inform her creations.

"My work  communicates the nostalgia, appreciation, love and admiration that I have for my farm life," she says. "You can see that heritage throughout my work, whether it be the imagery of farmscapes, portraits of family members or abstract constructions of memories involving symbolism. Everything I create has historical and sentimental relevance to my past and present. Every piece stands in relation to my own personal narrative."

This perspective doesn't mean she's living in the past. Kite's latest work is a multimedia journey in augmented reality.  Three of these paintings are part of the #postdigital exhibition at Art Center Sarasota. Kite's subject matter is down on the farm. But there's more to the paintings than meets the eye.

With the aid of the Aurasmaapp, viewers with smart phones and tablets can access videos associated with her two-dimensional paintings.

"Black Angus Baldy Steer" is part of Kite's Chores series of cattle paintings which take inspiration from documentary photography. It's a simple image of a solitary head of cattle in a realistic field, blurred, painterly demarcations suggesting the layers of memory. A window on a smart device reveals deeper layers of memory -- a montage of video on her family farm. You see a wind-blown Kite in the back of her father's tractor; grain pouring into a feed trough; a line of patient cattle heading out to the fields. The physical reality behind the painter's vision unfolds. And also the emotional connection.

"Cassia in Overalls" is a portrait of the artist as a farm girl -- a simple study in graphite and acrylic. The artist confronts the viewer with a direct gaze, neither confrontational nor shy. The Aurasma app takes you to spoken word excerpts from M.J. Howard's "A Farm Built on a Handshake" -- a collection of short fiction Kite illustrated with her landscapes and crisp studies of humans, animals and other characters.

"Nebraska Winter Cornfield" is a miniature painting of a landscape on Kite's family farm. Thanks to augmented reality, the image becomes a portal to photographs of the place itself.  Opening doors is what her art is all about.

Kite notes that, "I still create my art in traditional two-dimensional media. A program like Aurasma literally adds another dimension. But it's not meant to be a substitute. I still use my eyes, hand, pencil, paint and canvas to create. I'm not interested in a digital alternative at the moment. But digital technology can be a doorway to something more. And I'm extremely interested in that!"

rail, Sarasota. 365-2032.

Art Center Sarasota

#postdigital will bring together the work of 27+ artists who employ digital technologies into their artistic practice. Many of the artists are affiliated with local institutions, including: Ringling College of Art and Design, New College of Florida, Faulhaber Fab Lab, and IMG Academy. The exhibition will take over three galleries at Art Center Sarasota.

Participating artists include:  Claudia Cumbie Jones, Lance Ford Jones, Rick Herzog , Mark Dancigers, Kim Anderson, Caui Lofgren, Cassia Kite Jaeger, Sarah Valdez, Caitlin Burns, Gigi Lage, Wesley Thorp, Eric Voorhis , Sky Kistler, Davin Aberle , Daniel Jeffers, Emily Rives, Ruzica Ivanovic, Celia Garcia Nogales, Hayley Denham, John Dillard,  Jordan Daher, Nick ODonnell 

Triple Play

Inside the minds of artists Javo, Cassia Kite and Richie Brasil.


Cassia Kite

"For artist Cassia Kite, the past is very much alive, sentimentally intertwined into the present, informing her work and driving her from project to project. “It’s imagery from my life, my past, trying to get into the realm of the present,” she says, unveiling Soundstitches, a mixed-media project years in the making, combining painting, stitching, music and memory. “When you have a child, it changes everything,” Kite intones, and in her case it meant easing back on the paint and picking up the needle and thread, making a quilt from her father’s old work shirts and falling in love with the process. “You spend so much time with the medium when you’re stitching that you build this relationship,” Kite says. Seeing a painterly potential within the spools of colored thread, Kite recreated line drawings with dark filament, quickly graduating to full-color paintings, abstracting her images just enough to accommodate the needle and uniting traditions of fine art and folk art into one. While plein air painting at the old family home in Nebraska, the memories return – her grandmother playing and teaching piano, the sound echoing in the house and beyond into the farm. It’s part of the house, something Kite needs to capture, “but how in the world would I do that?”  Kite’s answer, and the conceit behind Soundstitches, envisions color as musical code, with each hue corresponding to a note on the musical scale. Creating her own code in the key of C, whereby green is ‘C,’ yellow is ‘D,’ orange is ‘E’ and so on, Kite can read her stitched images, from left to right and top to bottom, as a piece of music. From painting to stitching to musical interpretation, Kite’s Soundstitches presents a multi-faceted exploration of a single image, embracing and perhaps even approximating the rich but amorphous sensation of memory. "- SRQ Magazine, Phil Lederer

The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts proudly presents Bemis Benefit Art Auction 2015 on Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 6:00pm. We’re pleased to again unite local and national artists and galleries along with our art supporters for Omaha’s premier celebration of contemporary art.

The annual auction and exhibition highlights the generosity and diversity that characterize contemporary art. By celebrating these values, the auction is an ideal opportunity for the public to support creativity in a tangible way. Sales and donations are reinvested back into the Bemis Center, to provide financial and practical support to artists year round.

This year's festivities will include a silent and live auction with 250 works of art from top artists, juried by Ellina Kevorkian, artistic director for residency programs, Alex Priest, exhibitions manager, and Larry Roots, Modern Arts Midtown gallery director.

November 11: BE FIRST - Preview Night
November 13: BE TOGETHER - Family Preview Night
November 18: BE HONORED - Special Guests Preview Night
November 21: Bemis Benefit Art Auction 2015
November 23: 2016 Juried Group Exhibition Award announcement

Register HERE for Benefit admission.


On Saturday evening, December 6th, from 6 - 9PM, PAC invites the public to come see Tim Jaeger, 10 Big Portraits | Cassia Kite, Sentimental(s) Opening Reception Exhibition.

This combined event, showcasing new works of Sarasota-based artists Tim Jaeger and Cassia Kite, offers art lovers and curious critics an evening of family-friendly indulgence and wonder. Jaeger's portraits are simple, quiet and introspective; presented in a straightforward and unadorned fashion. Portraits are inherently a celebration of a life. These works are a memorialization of the inner essence of the subject, not just a literal likeness. Kite's series consists of intimate hand stitches and miniature works representative of landscapes and objects. These works exhibit as objects and places but embody the concept of portraiture. The opening reception is one of several evening happenings worth exploring in historic downtown Palmetto on Saturday, December 6th, including Palmetto’s Christmas in the Park. 

 More about the artists: 

Tim Jaeger was raised in Paducah, KY before moving to Sarasota, FL in 1998 to earn a BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design. Since graduating in 2002, in addition to exhibiting his work, Jaeger has expanded into the business and politics of Sarasota's visual arts. As Interim Assistant Director of the Ringling College of Art and Design Galleries and Exhibitions, board member of Sarasota's Public Art Committee, CEO of sarasotavisualart.com, and president of the newly reformed SARTQ artist collective, Jaeger works toward engaging the community and fostering new artistic partnerships. Currently, Jaeger's works can be seen in numerous public and private collections. Additional information and artworks can be found at www.regeaj.com

Cassia Kite was born and raised in Auburn, Nebraska and attended Northwest Missouri State University earning a B.F.A in painting and sculpture, along with a B.S in Art Education. In the summer of 2006, Kite moved to St. Petersburg, Florida from Atlanta, Georgia to work with both the Museum of Fine Arts and the Salvador Dali Museum. She earned her Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Florida in 2010 and is currently working as a Studio Art Instructor at IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL. As part of the Fine Arts Society of Sarasota’s Creators and Collectors Tour, Kite will be opening her studio space to the general public in March 2015. Additional information and artworks can be found at www.cassiakite.com

Jaeger and Kite were married in the summer of 2012, on Kite’s family farm in Auburn, Nebraska. Both artists are currently represented by State of the Arts Gallery located in downtown Sarasota.

Tim Jaeger’s 10 Big Portraits along with Cassia Kite’s Sentimental(s), will be on exhibit at the Palmetto Art Center’s Opening Reception, December 6th from 6 - 9PM. 10 Big Portraits | Sentimental(s)

TAMPA BAY Newswire

Images of available works from this show can be seen under the printmaking tab 

The informal event is intended to showcase and introduce a diverse group of leaders and creative minds from our community.   10 speakers will present 10 images of their work, interest, or inspiration.  Slides will advance automatically every 30 seconds with brief introductions between speakers.  The speakers include a publisher, the recipient of SAF’s 2013 Paul Rudolph Award, a restaurateur, a painter, Selby Garden’s director of education, an expert in prehispanic Maya from New College, a manufacturing entrepreneur, a senior scientist at Mote Marine’s laboratory, and the director of the upcoming Sarasota Film Festival.  
The presentations will start at 6:00pm.  No RSVP required. 

Please click on the link below for the full article:

Public Pianos make their debut at Five Points Park

The "Legacy Artists" who painted six spinet pianos, six pianists and sponsoring business members will join the community for a concert to celebrate this public music/art project, which will run through May. After the concert, the pianos will be delivered to their permanent locations at: 

• Sarasota Opera House, 61 N. Pineapple Ave. 

• Main Street Traders, 1468 Main St. 

• Louies Modern, 1289 N. Palm Ave. 

• Mattison's City Grille, 1 N. Lemon Ave. 

• Bohemian Bliss Boutique, 1544 Main St. 

• DiFilippo Kent Gallery/Showroom, 79 S. Palm Ave. 

Event is free and open to the public

Front Cover: Nakamura, p.120

Studio Visit: Volume Twenty-Two

Dina Deitsch, Senior Curator, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA 

"Dina Deitsch, Curator of Contemporary Art at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, served as the juror for the competition that resulted in this installment of Studio Visit. In the end, there were 239 artists selected for inclusion...More than 900 artists submitted work for this edition of Studio Visit. Entries came from around the globe and in a variety of media."

Cassia Kite is featured on page 83 in Volume 22 of Studio Visit Magazine, 2013

Editor and Publisher: Steven T. Zevitas Associate Publisher: Andrew Katz Design / Production: Kayelani Ortiz Communications Manager: Alexa Kinne

Copyright © 2013. The Open Studios Press. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any way without written permission from the publisher.


All rights in each work of art reproduced herein are retained by the artist.

 Sarasota Youth Orchestra Music Box Project


The Sarasota Orchestra Association raises funds to help the Orchestra and its Youth Programs. The music box project will specifically help fund the reconstruction and replacement of the musical instruments for the 90 member Sarasota Youth Orchestra. The musical box was donated and is displayed in the Annual Designer Showcase and many other Orchestra and outside venues in January, February, and March of 2013. This collection of fewer than ten art musical boxes will be offered for auction to raise funds to support the Youth Orchestra of Sarasota.

The box can be viewed at the Sarasota Orchestra Association Events or online.


Center Studio:  Palmetto Art Center presents Regeneration Series, new works created by Sarasota based artist Cassia Kite. Original large-scale paintings and drawings are featured along with recent short videos about this exciting new series of works.  “REGENERATION is about the passive and active emotional declination of the past. It is my hope to bring a resolve to intense feelings of nostalgia that create grievances between my present existence and my past experiences” says Kite. “Although I cannot recover past experiences, return to places I have a longing to be, or communicate physically with individuals that have influenced me, I can recall and regenerate them to the canvas in an attempt to construct these sentimental, fleeting memories from my past to the present.” 

Opening Reception: Friday, October 5th, 5-7 p.m.


Phone: 941.518-2109
Web: http://palmettoartcenter.com

 [LOCATION] From Bradenton / Sarasota: Traveling north on Business US41, head over the Manatee River on the Green Bridge into historic Palmetto. Turn left onto 5th Street at first traffic light after coming over the bridge. We are on the corner of the second block, on your left. Look out for the bright blue building - next door to Grower's Hardware. 

[ABOUT PALMETTO ART CENTER] The Palmetto Art Center (PAC) is a welcoming space that provides an enriching experience for you, your family and our community. 

Our mission is simple: To continue creating a sense of community while doing things we enjoy. 

The space is clean, fresh and functional. A sense of trust, mutual respect and open collaboration is evident among all who spend time here.

At PAC, everyone feels invited ––along with a desire to have fun, socialize with friends, and to explore creative, cultural or community callings.

It goes without saying that PAC does not discriminate on the basis of age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sense of humor, raw talent, etc.



Oct. 5-Nov 2, 2012

907 5th Street West

Palmetto, FL 34221




Cassia Kite works on display at Palmetto Art Center

/ Wednesday, October 3, 2012

While attending Historic Downtown Palmetto’s increasingly popular First Friday celebration, be sure to check out Cassia Kite’s solo show opening at the Palmetto Art Center (PAC).

Kite’s show entitled “ROOTS: The Regeneration Series” includes new work based on her passive emotional declination of her past. Kite attended Northwest Missouri State University and earned a B.F.A. in painting and sculpture and a B.S. in Art Education. Kite is the painting, printmaking and modern and contemporary art history instructor at IMG Academy in Bradenton.

“In Homage to : Origins” by Cassia Kite

“It is my hope to bring a resolve to intense feelings of nostalgia that create grievances between my present existence and my past experience,” Kite said. “Although I cannot recover past experiences, return to places I have a longing to be, or communicate physically with individuals that have influenced me, I can recall and regenerate them to the canvas in an attempt to construct these sentimental, fleeting memories from my past to the present.”

The opening reception will take place from 5 to 9 p.m. Oct. 5. The show will continue through Oct 30. PAC Gallery, 907 5th St. W., Palmetto. is open noon to 2 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 518-2109; PalmettoArtCenter.com.

Last modified: October 3, 2012

All rights reserved. This copyrighted material may not be published without permissions. Links are encouraged. 

Featured on the cover of SEASON Magazine:

The Observer's Guide to the Arts and Society, Fall 2012

REGENERATION: In Homage To: Hand Me Downs, 2011

71" x 48" x 1"

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Currently being shown and for sale at:

State of the Arts Gallery

1525 State Street  
Sarasota, FL 34236
(941) 955-2787



Sarasota Visual Art



Open to the Public 
1093 Central Avenue 
Sarasota, FL 34236 

941.362.4290 FAX 
              Mon - Sat
    9am - 5pm 

SRQ Sarasota's Premier Magazine Feature

CULTURE AGENDA: A Bright Frenetic Mill

October 8, 2012 Issue

ArtSlant Awards and Juried Exhibition: 4th 2011 Showcase Winner in the Painting Category 

August 2011

REGENERATION V: Highway 75, 2010


                        Bert Green (Director, Bert Green Fine Art, Los Angeles)

                        NuNu Hung (New York, Berlin, and Asia-based independent curator)

                        Beverly Allan and Martin Nederpelt (Founders/Directors of Allan Nederpelt Gallery, Brooklyn, NY)

ArtSlant Awards and Juried Exhibition: 3rd 2011 Showcase Winner in the Painting Category 

June 2011

In Homage To: Hand Me Downs, 2011


Bart Keijsers Koning (Co-Director, LMAK Projects, New York)

Julian Navarro (Independent Curator, Gallerist with Praxis International)

Alejandra von Hartz (Director, Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, Miami)

ArtSlant Awards and Juried Exhibition: 2nd 2011 Showcase Winner in the Painting Category

April 2011

REGENERATION III: Lines to Lahr Bridge, 2010

All painting Artslant Showcase Winners

Art Paris | Prix Saatchi online: ARTPARIS Showdown

ARTPARIS Grand Palais 2011

Paris, France

March 31, 2011 – April 3, 2011

"We are proud to announce the Top 64 winning works for the ARTPARIS Showdown, from a total of 3,777 submitted works. The Saatchi Online all-digital booth at ARTPARIS Grand Palais 2011, will be taking place in Paris, France from March 31, 2011 – April 3, 2011, featuring the Top 128 artists as curated by the community for the community and Art Paris 2011."


The Juried Art Show 2011

Presented by Central Art Supply Company and Studio 620

February 11-21, 2011



620 First Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Map this location


Solo Show Opening: REGENERATION concept series

Venue: Cafe Bohemia

937 Central Avenue

St. Petersburg, FL 33705

T: 727.895.4495

Opening Reception: Nov. 13, 2010 @ 8 p.m.

Closing Reception: Dec. 9, 2010 @ 8 p.m.

Re:Age: Young artists reflect on age, creativity and longevity

Youth is fleeting, especially as a creative individual. The bravado, energy and enthusiasm with which one grows into and cultivates their art is necessarily sacrificed for the maturity and wisdom of age as one's career develops. For this show, we ask a handpicked group of young artists to reflect upon their creative progress to date, and using this moment of self-reflection, to envision the artist they will be 50 years in the future. The exhibition will open in two installments, divided between the male and female participating artists. While the overall concept for each installment is the same, we approach the separate groups with slightly different leading themes, asking different questions to guide the respective creative responses. The show includes works by Heather Dykstra, Jean Saavedra, Victoria Topor, Cecilia Lueza, Kevin Margitch, Erik Jones, Ryan Prado, Cassia Kite, Frank Strunk III and Daniel Williams among others.

When: March 19, 2009, 6:00 p.m. -Midnight

NOVA 535

535 Dr. M. L. King Jr Street N

Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

(727) 821-6682 

Sweatshop Strikes Back: Music, Art and Fashion Show

Czar Vodka Bar

1420 E. 7th Ave in Ybor City

Tampa, FL  33605

August 14, 2009, 10 pm

V.I.P. opening starts at 8:30 pm




All Female Artists Show

Czar Vodka Bar: October 4, 2008

1420 E. 7th Ave in Ybor City

Tampa, FL  33605



Mallin and Charno Galleries: Kansas City Artists Coalition

8th Annual Juried Undergraduate ShowApril 11- 25, 2003

201 Wyandotte

Kansas City, Missouri


Phone: 816.421.0656


MSSU Spiva Art Gallery: Four State College Salon Juried Exhibition, March 2003

Missouri Southern State University

3950 E. Newman Rd.

Joplin, Missouri 64801